Seems that Stony Brook University’s press relations office is interested in the PLoS ONE article Arnout and I wrote. Had my picture taken and everything!

SBU Study Finds Informal Awards Contribute to Higher Wikipedia Participation

Researchers find that small tokens of appreciation stimulate and sustain Wikipedia’s vast online encyclopedia

STONY BROOK, NY, March 29, 2012 – When Stony Brook University Sociology Professor Arnout van de Rijt and graduate student Michael Restivo decided to find out what makes Wikipedia work, they knew they faced quite a challenge. After all, neither monetary compensation nor formal work relations explain the success of this all-volunteer online encyclopedia. The team reasoned that expressions of appreciation by other Wikipedia contributors, including awards, helped to fuel what they called a “spirit of generosity.”

The team was surprised by the extent to which those rewards sustain the ongoing Internet phenomenon that is Wikipedia. Their paper, Experimental Study of Informal Rewards in Peer Production, has been published in the March 29, 2012 edition of PLoS ONE, an international, peer-reviewed, open-access, online publication.

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