I attended ASA’s professional conference in Denver where I was on a very thought-provoking panel about Group Procceses.

Organizer was Stephen Benard at Indiana University. Discussant was Robb Willer at UC Berkley. All of the papers had to do with social status in one way or another. I appreciate Stephen’s efforts at finding papers that contribute research on the same topic. Also, Robb’s comments and questions at the end of the session were spot-on and really challenged my thinking, so I am grateful to him for that as well.

My paper with Arnout van de Rijt, entitled “Experimental Study of Informal Rewards in Peer Production,” was based on our PLoS ONE article.

Interestingly, another team of researchers had a paper on the identical subject, which made for a nice discussion where we tried to resolve the different (but complementary) findings. That one was “Social Signaling and Collective Action:  A Field Study of Awards on Wikipedia.” The authors were Benjamin Mako Hill at MIT, Aaron Shaw at UC Berkeley, and Yochai Benkler at Harvard.

The room was quite full, and it was a great opportunity to speak to a number of interested scholars about my research. Afterwards, I spoke to Mako a bit more about our papers and I think our work points in the same direction. Overall, a nice experience.

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