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As an assistant professor of sociology at SUNY Geneseo, my teaching includes the required statistics and research methods courses for the sociology major, multivariate analysis (interdisciplinary), and a senior seminar on topics related to political economy, sociology of technology, medicine and health, and social movements.

My perspective as a teacher has been shaped by having first spent decades in college classrooms as a student. In my approach to pedagogy, I adopt the humanistic perspective that learning is an active process where students explore and engage with new ideas and ways of thinking. I require my students to participate in their education rather than view themselves as passive recipients of education. As such, I incorporate collaborative and creative work into my courses whenever possible. My measure of students’ success is their ability to live more successfully in the world by better understanding their environment and the situations in which they find themselves.

Courses that I currently teach or have taught in the past (SUNY Geneseo):

SOCL 211 – Statistics for Social Research
SOCL 212 – Sociological Research Methods
SOCL 376 – Senior Seminar: Sociology of Progress?
SOCL 388 – Exp: Multivariate Analysis

Prior courses taught (at Stony Brook University): 

SOC 392 – Media & Society (2012-2013, two sections)
SOC 315 – Sociology of Technology (2010-2011, two sections)
SOC 201 – Research Methods (2010, two sections)
SOC 202 – Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences (2009)
SOC 105 – Introduction to Sociology (2008-2009, two sections)
JRN 103 – News Literacy (2009-2012, twelve sections)